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Wool tops for Spinning, Felting & Dyeing

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Buy Shetland Moorit tops & other natural coloured wool
Buy our carefully selected wool fibre for spinning, felting and dyeing including natural white and natural coloured sheep wool from UK sheep breeds. All of our wool fibre is supplied as tops, a continuous sliver of combed fibres prepared by combing the fibres after carding, and it is sold in multiples of 100 grams [100 grams is about 3.5 oz].

Read more about our wool tops for spinning and dyeing.

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More about our fibers for spinning and dyeing

Blue Faced Leicester Wool Tops

Blue Faced Leicester wool (BFL) is fine, dense and very lustrous and soft. It is a beautiful wool with a long 5 inch staple length and, therefore, is well suited to combing. Blue Faced Leicester is a British wool that is highly prized for its similarity to mohair and for its attractive, silky, lustrous yarns. It dyes very well and felts easily and quickly to a smooth, silky finish.

Shetland Wool Tops

Shetland is a soft traditional British wool that is very easy to blend either with other wool colours or with exotic fibres in a hand carder or drum carder because of its shorter staple length. This wool felts quite quickly although not as quickly as Blue-faced Leicester. The felt is soft but with a hairy finish that adds contrast and texture to other wools.

White Merino 23 micron 64’s Tops

Our Merino tops are a very soft fine 23 micron wool for fine knitting, crochet and lace and great for wearing next to the skin or for baby's garments. Merino dyes beautifully and can be spun from quite thick to extremely fine for beautiful lace. New spinners may find it a little harder to spin than medium wools and therefore it may not always be a good choice as a first fibre.

Natural Coloured Wool Tops

Black Shetland Tops

Black is a difficult colour to get using natural dyes. If you want black yarn, the easiest technique is to start with wool from black sheep. You can then over dye it with madder or woad to get a black with great depth.

Brown is also a difficult colour to get using natural dyes; if you want brown yarn, the easiest solution is to start with wool from brown sheep. You can then over dye it with madder or woad to get unusual colours.

More fibres and fibre blends for spinning and dyeing coming soon...

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