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Silk Fibre & Blends for spinning & crafts

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Buy silk & silk blends for spinning & crafts
Buy our carefully selected silk fibre for spinning, dyeing, felting and all your crafting projects. Our silk fibre products are sold in multiples of 50 or 100 grams [100 grams is about 3.5 oz].

Read more about our silk fibers for spinning, felting and dyeing.

Silk Cocoons x5

Silk Cocoons (5 cocoons)


Natural Eri Silk 50gm

100% Natural Eri Silk Tops 50g. Price reduced from 7.65




Silk Hanky 100gm

Mulberry Silk Hankies 100 gms


Degummed silk cocoons 100gm

Degummed silk cocoons 100 grams




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More about our silk fibers for spinning, dyeing & crafts

Mulberry & tussah silk comparison; on left - Mulberry silk, on right - Natural Tussah, in middle - Bleached Tussah silk tops | Wild Fibres natural fibres

Mulberry & tussah silk comparison;
Mulberry silk on left,
Natural Tussah on right,
Bleached Tussah silk tops in middle.

Tussah Silk Tops

Tussah Silk Tops are a natural golden colour and are perfect for dyeing. They have a beautiful natural shine, spin easily, are very soft and are great for next to skin projects. Tussah silk, or wild silk, is produced by tussah silk moth larvae, which feed on oak trees, and the golden colour comes from natural tannin in the oak leaves.

Use them for silk paper making, layering into felt, or hand spinning and weave or knit your handspun yarn.

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